Massive WHITE LABEL Bundle Special Offer.

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Get Nine of our amazing PLR Packs for one special low price!

There's no quicker way to get started putting your own digital info store up and running than grabbing this insane mega pack.

Here's all the packs that are included:

Now to save you the math, that's a total of $399 and these packs are worth every penny because they contain content that would cost you hundreds elsewhere.

But when you grab this pack you make a massive saving of more than 60%!

You can visit our store front here to check out what each actual pack contains but basically in each pack you get the following:

  • A complete book which can be sold, given away to build a list or ripped apart and used for web content. The book in the packs priced at $39 are typically 9000+ words and the $47 packs include books between 10,000 and 18000 words.
  • Done for you professional 14 Day Email Sequence. Why not let potential readers sign up to get a free chapter of your book and then follow up with this done for you 14 day sequence that will sell your prospect on buying the full book?
  • Ten Articles/Blog Posts. Instant content for your site, blogs or newsletters and these not only deliver content but are perfect lead ins to the main book. Use these as blog posts, rework them into a lead magnet, use them on social media, etc.
  • Promotional Video Scripts. Hand these to a voice over artist, or plug them into video creation tools like Pictory or Flicki. These professional video scripts all do a fantastic job of delivering information and pitching your book.
  • More than 100 Social Media Posts to Promote The Book. Simply copy and paste these either directly to social media, or load them into your preferred scheduling tool. Perfect for Facebook, X (formally Twitter), Bluesky, Instagram and more!
  • Other Sales and Marketing Material. Do you suck at copy writing?  Can't afford to outsource it? With our PLR packages you get done for you sales copy and a professionally written book description!

The Fairest White Label Rights Ever:

  • You can use this content ANYWAY you choose. The ONLY limitations are as follows:
  • You may not sell this as-is on Kindle or Gumroad (their terms disallow PLR).
  • You may not pass this package with these these rights to anyone else.
  • Anything else - go for it!
  • audiobook.  

How you can use this content...

You can leverage the PLR (Private Label Rights) content from this package in numerous innovative ways to grow your business, establish authority, and drive sales. 

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Develop an Online Course: Use the book and video scripts to create a comprehensive online course on audiobook creation and publication. Offer it on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or your own website.

2. Lead Generation: Employ the 14-day email sequence and blog posts to build an email list. Offer a part of the content as a free lead magnet to attract subscribers interested in audiobooks.

3. Content Marketing: Utilize the blog posts and social media content to enhance your content marketing efforts. This will help in driving traffic to your site and improving your SEO ranking.

4. Podcast Episodes: Convert the book's chapters into podcast episodes, providing value to your listeners and establishing your expertise in the field of audiobooks.

5. YouTube Series: Use the video scripts to create a YouTube series that can educate aspiring authors and narrators on the nuances of audiobook production.

6. Membership Site Content: If you run a membership site, this PLR content can be repurposed to add value to your members, keeping them engaged and subscribed.

7. Webinars and Workshops: The book and scripts can serve as a foundation for conducting webinars or in-person workshops on audiobook creation, offering another stream of income.

8. Consulting and Coaching: Use the knowledge and materials in the package to offer consulting or coaching services for authors and publishers looking to enter the audiobook market.

9. Branded eBooks or Physical Books: Rebrand and repurpose the content into an eBook or a physical book that you can sell on platforms like Amazon or at back-of-room sales during events.

10. Social Media Campaigns: Run social media campaigns using the ready-made posts to create buzz around your services or products related to audiobooks.

11. Affiliate Marketing: Combine the sales letter with affiliate links to audiobook-related products and services, earning commissions on sales made through your referral.

12. Networking Tool: Use the content as a professional networking tool by sharing insights and information with peers, positioning yourself as a thought leader in the audiobook space.

13. Bundling with Other Products: Bundle parts of the content with other products or services you offer to add value and differentiate your offerings from competitors.

14. Internal Training: If you have a team, the content can be used for internal training purposes to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding audiobook publication strategies.

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All nine packs at a huge discount!

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Massive WHITE LABEL Bundle Special Offer.

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